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Thiravellattu Maholsavam

Lord Vishnumaya's birthday is commemorated with the festival of "Thiravellattu." The devotees' best chance to achieve their goals is on this day. Giving your prayers and offerings to Vishnumaya Swami on this day is highly effective in bringing wealth to you and your family. Thiravellattu Mahotsavam is held on the day in the Malayalam month of Makaram. Three days in the month of Midhunam, beginning with the star Uthram, are honoured in remembrance of Consecration Day. The Pattutsavam festival is held in the month of Thulam. All of these festivals are celebrated very grantly. The festival of Chathan Swami starts when a procession of Kavadis leaves the shrine of the Lord of Thriprayar. When the Kavadi arrives at the Kuttichathan Kavu and the anointing ceremony takes place, the three days of festivities for the Thira Mahotsavam officially begin. On the first day, sessions will be attended by prominent individuals from the fields of art and culture, social and political leaders, and well-known members of various communities. These meetings are now regarded as significant occurrences in the central Kerala region. The followers of Vishnumaya believe that if they go to his Roopakalam on that day, worship, and offer offerings, all of their issues would be resolved. The large number of devoted visitors who come here on that day is evidence of this conviction. The stunning Roopakalam and the Thirayattam of the Thiramannans are two of the main draws for tourists, in addition to locals who are devout followers of the religion. Both the Thiramahotsavam at the Kuttichathan Kavu and the pilgrimage to Sivagiri are well-known events. The countless devotees who take part in this return with a pleased mind and more elevated spiritual thoughts. The best performance is offered to fans of the traditional orchestra by Nadaswaram, Pandimelam, Pancharimelam, and Panchavadyam on the third day of the festival when the god is carried out in a parade. As a grand conclusion, the orchestra in all of its forms performs, followed by a display of impressive fireworks.

Thottampattu Maholsavam

Thottampattu Maholsavam is an annual celebration at the Kanadikavu Vishnumaya Temple. For followers, this festival has great significance. The Thottampattu festival takes place After thiravellattu is finished, Bhuvaneswari devi, the mother of the devasthanam, must be appeased. The Kanady family's personal deity, Bhuvaneswary, played a major role in Vishnumaya's entry into the Peringotukara village. In this case, Bhuvaneswary is the blessings-giver who continues to bless all of the pilgrims who visit Kanadikavu Vishnumaya Swamy Temple. Devi is taken out of the Sreekovil on the day of Thottampattu, where her idol is made into Kalam. Then hymns are performed extolling the virtues of the Devi. It is a suitable occasion for hundreds of devotees to attend the temple.

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